This morning, human-size groan tube Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN to do what she does best—attempt to pass a truly insane idea or excuse for incompetency off as even somewhat reasonable.

Today, Conway tried to brush aside the rather pressing issue of Russian interference in the 2016 election—something that definitely happened!—by finding the most predictable of scapegoats. You see, it wasn’t Russia who interfered in the elections. It was the haters—especially the media.


“Let me tell you something. Everybody who said Donald Trump couldn’t win. Everybody who said the election was all wrapped up. Every screaming headline, every wrong poll, every anchor, every pundit who said, ‘This is over, it’s a joke, he can’t win, he can’t govern,’ tried to interfere in the election,” Conway told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “And it didn’t work.”

OK, so just to be clear, the Trump nonbelievers and the media—which, according to Conway’s latest routine, attempted to interfere in the election and failed—are a much bigger concern than Russia, which actually succeeded in interfering. Also, the idea that being critical of Trump constitutes election interference is truly astonishing! But whatever it takes to make it through the day, Kellyanne.