Kellyanne Conway Pushes World's Stupidest Fake Fight Into Its Second Day

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway
Screenshot: Fox News

Folks, I regret to inform you that Kellyanne Conway is at it again.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi properly told Conway on Wednesday that she’d be relaying her responses on their infrastructure meeting to the president himself, not to his staff, specifically Conway. And so Conway continued to fan the flames of faux-feminism to the press on Thursday morning, attempting to further cast Pelosi as Public Enemy #1 for women.


“When she was finished, I said, ‘Respectfully Madam Speaker, would you like to address some of the specifics the president talked about?’ And she said...‘I talk to the president, I don’t talk to staff,’” Conway told Fox News. “Because let’s face it, she’s the sixth-most rich member of Congress. She treats everybody like they’re her staff.”

“She treats me like I’m either her maid or her driver or her pilot or her makeup artist and I’m not,” Conway continued. “And I said to her ‘How very pro-woman of you,’ per usual. Because she’s not very pro-woman, she’s pro-some woman, a few woman [sic].”


She repeated this talking point to other White House press, comparing herself to people who may jet Pelosi around the country or help her get ready in the morning. This despite Conway being, well, very rich herself.

Pelosi, meanwhile, has declined to elaborate on this supposed anti-woman drama, telling press on Thursday that she’s not going to talk about Conway. “I respond as the Speaker of the House to the president of the United States. Other conversations people want to have among themselves is up to them,” Pelosi said.


At least Pelosi is attempting to extinguish this disingenuous fire by not giving Conway any more oxygen. In all likelihood, however, this is far from the last time Conway will yell “FEMINISM FOUL” at any opportunity to make Democrats look bad.

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