Kendall Jenner is banned from Uber, Kim Kardashian claimed. Or did we all fall victim to sisterly embellishments?

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan has led us, as a society, to question what is real and what is fake. The latest existential crisis comes with the news that Kendall Jenner is (allegedly) banned from Uber.


As with all breaking news, the details are still scarce and the source sketchy.


Kardashian also posted about it on Snapchat, with Kendall appearing to say "this is not fair."

It's pretty much a fact that sisters in general are known to exaggerate for a good joke at the other's expense. Did we all victim to the oldest prank of all time, the sister prank?

The answer appears to be yes: Uber said Saturday that Jenner had not been banned, but there was an "account issue."

Since we're still sketchy on the details, let's speculate for why there would be an account issue! Uber’s code of conduct forbids open alcohol containers, illegal substance use and human trafficking using an Uber vehicle. Additionally, Uber reserves the right to suspend passengers for unsafe or inappropriate behavior. Kendall, what?!


Kim and Kendall were spotted (and um, Kim announced they were going on her Twitter feed) at Kanye West's exhibit on Friday night, with Kim dressed in a mesh jumpsuit while Kendall wore denim shorts.

Maybe one day soon we will see the Keeping Up the Kardashians episode about it. Or at least Kim can Snapchat it for us.

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