If you need any more proof that the new rules allowing states to tie Medicaid benefits to work requirements are nothing more than a malicious attack on the poor, look no further than Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. The Courier-Journal reported on Tuesday that if Bevin isnā€™t able to successfully force his constituents to work for their Medicaid, he will instead just reverse the stateā€™s Medicaid expansion, meaning that some 480,000 people could lose their healthcare.

After Donald Trumpā€™s announcement last week that he would allow states to impose work requirements for Medicaid, Bevin was the first in line to get his waiver approved; that request was granted on Friday. Under Bevinā€™s plan, ā€œable-bodiedā€ adults receiving Medicaid in Kentucky will have to prove that they are working or volunteering 80 hours per month. If not, they could be ā€œlocked outā€ of coverage for six months.

Advocates are considering challenging the new work requirements in court. But if his plan is found illegal, Bevin says heā€™ll just simply shut down the Medicaid expansion instead. According to the Courier-Journal, Bevin filed an executive order that ā€œdirects the secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Medicaid commissioner to ā€˜take necessary steps to terminate Kentuckyā€™s Medicaid expansionā€™ if any part of his plan is struck down in court and all appeals are exhausted.ā€

Bevinā€™s threat is the behavior of a petulant child. Unfortunately, this child also controls the healthcare of hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians.