Kentucky's Imagine Dragons Superfan Governor Is Trying to Start Shit With Lil Wayne

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This is so incredibly stupid.

Last night was the college football championship, in which Clemson ground Alabama to dust in their fourth playoffs matchup. Like all major sporting events, this one had a halftime show featuring a pair of currently irrelevant acts, with Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne taking the stage this time around. The most noteworthy thing about the otherwise mediocre show seemed to be that it was that organizers hilariously decided to hold the concert 50 miles away from the actual stadium where the game was played, forcing attendees of the game to watch it on the stadium’s jumbo screen.

That’s it! That’s literally all that happened. And yet, I am writing about it because Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a shithead in the truest sense of the word, also apparently happens to be a big Imagine Dragons fan, which absolutely tracks. And, as he took in the show last night, the infamous Facebook beefer decided that the 20-minute performance would have been perfect were it not for the rapper’s inclusion, which, again, absolutely tracks.


Ignoring the inexcusable Imagine Dragons fandom, the way Bevin wrote the tweet would imply that Wayne, who copped the Hamburglar’s wardrobe for the show, went on a political rant that struck a nerve for Bevin. But having watched the entire show (I lost hearing in one ear and the other leapt from my head and dove out the nearest window) I can assure you that was not the case. It would seem that Bevin just really, really doesn’t like new-age Wayne, which is hard to argue against given everything that’s come after Tha Carter III. But something tells me Bevin, a slice of moldy Wonder Bread that’s likely never once nodded his head in time with a bass line, wasn’t commenting on Wayne’s discography.

Like I said, this is so incredibly stupid.