Killing Time at Work Before the Holidays

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Christmas and New Year’s fall in the middle of the week this year. What an inconvenience!

For most offices, it means employees will have to work those few odd days around the holidays like Monday, Dec 23rd, ugh.


Why is it an inconvenience? Well, you can’t start brand new projects because your mind is focused on how to ensure this holiday break will be epic.

But reality is some of us have to go to work. (Otherwise it counts as a vacation day. And we all know you’re saving those up for a Spring Break cruise.)


So instead of dragging your feet around the office, here are a few ways you can kill time and spread holiday cheer.

1. Start an impromptu holiday choir.

“Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say…” Oh yeah, they’ll join in on this one.


2. Make holiday drinks at the office.

Here’s a favorite: coquito! This Puerto Rican Christmas drink is a type of creamy eggnog with coconut milk and white rum. DNA producer, Giselle Robles, even suggests throwing in a little Kahlua.


3. Show your co-workers how much you “care.”

You can take the time to write thoughtful messages in generic Christmas cards and go around the office delivering them one by one. Don’t forget to hug each recipient. And if anyone starts to suspect your sudden inspiration for affection and kindness, just keep hugging.


4. Do “research” for ideas on future projects.

If you can convince people that you will accomplish your 2014 New Year’s resolutions, then you can convince them you’re “researching” via [insert your favorite social media platform here]. Then when you come back, wing those meeting presentations. You got this.


5. Picture time!

We need to make memories, right? It won’t be awkward at all.

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