Kim Davis appeals ruling that landed her in jail

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Lawyers for jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis have filed a motion appealing the ruling that put her behind bars.

Davis has been locked up since last week after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.


"Today’s filing addresses [Kentucky governor Steve] Beshear’s inaction and refusal to consider easy accommodations for Kim Davis," the lawyers said in a statement on Monday. "From the outset of this case, Kim Davis has proposed numerous simple options to protect her sincerely-held religious beliefs. The Governor’s refusal to take elementary steps to protect religious liberties has now landed Kim Davis in jail."

Their arguments have been met with a healthy dose of skepticism. Even a panel of Fox News legal analysts agreed on Monday that Davis had no case to make.


"She wants to practice her faith by not issuing marriage licenses," one member of the panel said. "Yet, she will not agree to let the deputy county clerks issue marriage licenses even if it’s okay with their faith.”

Meanwhile, the case has become a flashpoint in the 2016 presidential race, with many Republican candidates hailing Davis.