Kim Guilfoyle Lands a New Gig Working for Her Boyfriend's Dad

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

President Donald Trump continued his tradition of bringing the romantic partners of his demon offspring into the family business this week, with Kim Guilfoyle, former Fox News personality and Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, announcing her new gig as a “senior advisor” on the president’s reelection campaign.


Guilfoyle announced her new, totally appropriate hiring, on Instagram Tuesday, writing that: “America’s continued success depends on @realDonaldTrump getting re-elected and continuing his #MAGA policies.”

Guilfoyle makes the long professional trek to the Trump campaign all the way from her previous job working at the pro-Trump “America First” super PAC, which she’d joined this past summer. And, again, she is also dating Donj.

I have reached out to the Trump campaign to see what, exactly, led to Guilfoyle’s joining the team, and what her job will entail. I will update this story if the campaign responds.

In the meantime, though, it’s nice to see the president’s stated concerns about being accused of nepotism are really making an impact on his 2020 campaign.

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