Complex Mag/Jean-Paul Goude

Kim Kardashian is "breaking" the Internet with a remake of a provocative 1976 photo of Carolina Beaumont. Both the original photograph and the Kardashian remake were shot by famous French photog Jean-Paul Goude.

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We can picture Kanye shouting something like, β€œShe is the most beautiful woman of all time to ever live! Ever!" But it's not the first time Kanye has yelled those words during a remake of a Goude photo.

Four years ago, back in the days of KanyAmber, Kanye started a blog In honor of its launch, he posted a photo of then-girlfriend Amber Rose paying homage to a an iconic Goude photo of Grace Jones. Is this a rite of passage for getting with Kanye?


The difference is that Rose's photo β€” shot by some dude who's not French β€” was entirely unmemorable, while Kim's remake is killing it.

So does Kanye have a fetish for Goude photos? And when with the Internet surface the lost Alexis Phifer remake?


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