Complex Mag/Jean-Paul Goude

Kim Kardashian is "breaking" the Internet with a remake of a provocative 1976 photo of Carolina Beaumont. Both the original photograph and the Kardashian remake were shot by famous French photog Jean-Paul Goude.

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We can picture Kanye shouting something like, “She is the most beautiful woman of all time to ever live! Ever!" But it's not the first time Kanye has yelled those words during a remake of a Goude photo.

Four years ago, back in the days of KanyAmber, Kanye started a blog In honor of its launch, he posted a photo of then-girlfriend Amber Rose paying homage to a an iconic Goude photo of Grace Jones. Is this a rite of passage for getting with Kanye?


The difference is that Rose's photo — shot by some dude who's not French — was entirely unmemorable, while Kim's remake is killing it.

So does Kanye have a fetish for Goude photos? And when with the Internet surface the lost Alexis Phifer remake?


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