Klobuchar Has Her Own Excruciating 'Please Clap' Moment

Amy Klobuchar at CNN’s town hall with Chris Cuomo
Amy Klobuchar at CNN’s town hall with Chris Cuomo
Screenshot: CNN

We are still more than a year and a half away from the presidential election, but Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is pulling out all the stops to get the people on her side, including urging them to cheer for her herself.


Answering a question at CNN’s town hall hosted by Chris Cuomo on Monday, Klobuchar spoke to her ability to gain back the trust of middle class voters by waxing on about her previous experience running in a purple state, saying she even won the congressional district that elected Michele Bachmann.

When Klobuchar was met with a faint response from the peanut gallery, she followed up by saying, “It’s when you guys are supposed to cheer” and smiling, to which the crowd obliged with applause.


The moment felt reminiscent of Jeb Bush’s infamous “please clap” moment, when he had to prompt the audience to respond after an applause line at a 2016 campaign event fell flat.

Klobuchar, however, continued to roll with the punches, mentioning a Twitter exchange she had with President Donald Trump when she first announced her campaign—in which she made fun of his hairand trying her hand at an insult by calling him “Mr. Umbrella Man.Did I mention we’re still 19 months out from the election? Sigh.

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