You know Bill Levin. Bill Levin is 59-years-old, but Bill Levin might actually be 18, because Bill Levin is that kid on your freshman year dorm hall with a pseudoscientific explanation for why marijuana is actually extremely healthy and natural ("It is a plant we are instinctually drawn to as human beings because of the endocannabinol system within our own bodies") and everyone ought to be smoking it.

But who is Bill Levin? He recently founded the Cannabis Church in Indiana, a clever method to expose the flaws of Indiana's much maligned Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a law thought to condone discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It's also a great way to smoke pot legally (maybe). Via the Indianapolis Star:

Legal experts had said it was inevitable that someone would test the controversial RFRA law, and Levin has said he was anxious to see if police would arrest him for toking in church.

Robert Katz, a law professor at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, said if Levin did go through with the ceremony and was prosecuted, he would need to prove to a judge that his church was a legitimate religion to get protection under RFRA.

That could be difficult, Katz said.

Well, the Cannabis Church first won nonprofit status from the IRS, and then fundraising efforts began in earnest ("So far, more than 600 members have paid amounts ranging from $4.20 to $1,000 to join the church," Levin told the Washington Times), and on Tuesday they announced they've found a home inside a small old church building in Indianapolis.


But back to Levin. As you can see in the video from the Indianapolis Star above, Levin believes deeply in the power of pot in guiding people to live a decent, happy life. And Levin is doing just that! He's living with a buncha birds, including some of which are engaged in coitus at the 2:23 mark.


But those little horny guys aren't his only avian friends. Check him kickin' it with this little fella.

And another one! This time, he's smoking a cigar and chillin' with his bird friend.


He's even got goats!


Now he's puffin' on a cigar and talking about smoking in church. Bill Levin's got it figured out.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.