Kris Kobach's Senate Campaign Can't Even Spell His Name

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Racist grifter and failed voter suppression “expert” Kris Kobach is reportedly set to announce a 2020 race for Senate today, less than a year after he lost his Kansas gubernatorial bid in the 2018 midterms. As befits a perennial loser like Kobach, his nascent campaign is already off to a hilariously bad start.


On Monday morning, before a planned rally in Leavenworth, KS, someone from the campaign committee Kobach for Senate filed the requisite Federal Election Commission paperwork, seemingly without bothering to check whether the candidate’s name was spelled correctly.

Congratulations, “Chris” Kobach—you’re running for Senate, whoever you are!

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Realizing that a botched FEC filing was probably not the best way to kick off a Senate run, the campaign quickly amended the form.

With one SNAFU addressed, the Kobach team nevertheless faces stiff opposition from their own party, which went on the record to tell Chris/Kris that running to replace retiring Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is a terrible idea.

“Just last year Kris Kobach ran and lost to a Democrat,” National Republican Senate Committee spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez told the Kansas City Star on Monday. “Now, he wants to do the same and simultaneously put President Trump’s presidency and Senate Majority at risk.”

“We know Kansans won’t let that happen and we look forward to watching the Republican candidate they do choose win next fall,” Rodriguez added.


Kobach was passed over for a top immigration position in the Trump administration earlier this year, after a ridiculous list of his “demands” was published by the New York Times. Although the president endorsed Kobach during his failed run for governor, it remains to be seen whether Trump will back a certified loser this time around.

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