Krispy Kreme says ‘bugs’ seen in donuts aren’t what they seem

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If you watch this video titled, "The horrors of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in High Point North Carolina," very carefully, you will see little black flecks in the cascade of white frosting.


Do you see them? What do you think they are? If you guessed "bugs," you are correct, in the opinion of uploader Ashh Nicole, who wrote on the video's YouTube page

Krispy Kreme on N Main in high point! The black spots you see coming through are BUGS that were crawling on the machine and FALLING into the glaze!


Nicole had more complaints:

The machine had freaking MOLD on the catcher and the employees were touching the floor with the same hands they handled the doughnuts with! One employee even dropped a spatula, picked it up and proceeded to scrape the belt the doughnuts were coming off! After expressing my concern with the supervisor he shrugged me off… Today I have had two employees from this location harassing me! This is unacceptable.

Nicole also posted a complaint to the Krispy Kreme High Point Facebook page. She wrote, among other things, "Every time I've gone here the employees have either been rude or aloof. I'm highly disappointed because I just wanted apple fritters and this is the only location in my town."

store representative responded in a Facebook comment: "Thank you so much for letting us know. We have been investigating this issue and the video. We take this very seriously."


A Krispy Kreme spokesperson told me in an email that the company took her complaint seriously, but found no bugs:

A professional pest control company conducted an extensive inspection of the store and concluded that there are no signs of bugs anywhere in the shop.  In addition, we were able to determine that what is depicted in the video and misconstrued by the customer as bugs was in fact doughnut crumbs.


Doughnut crumbs! What a twist. The statement does not address the other hygiene complaints Nicole raised. But, per Krispy Kreme:

We have privately and publicly apologized to the customer for her experience and express our hope that she will return to the store to continue enjoying her favorite Krispy Kreme treat.


We, also, hope you find some fritters, Ashh.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.

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