Lady Gaga will star in 'American Horror Story' because there is order in the universe

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In news that will interest anyone who's ever seriously considered designing a fabric print inspired by crime-scene blood splatter, Lady Gaga will join the cast of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy's campy FX horror anthology.

The pop star broke the news with an appropriately creepy teaser on Twitter this morning. She also revealed that the fifth season of AHS (coming in October) will be titled "Hotel."


Not counting that MTV reality show she was on for all of five minutes 10 years ago, this is Lady Gaga's first major television role. If anything, it's surprising that this collaboration didn't happen sooner. The Venn diagram overlap of Mother Monster and Murphy's aesthetics is formidable, from unsettling clown makeup (for murders and music videos, respectively) to raw meat (the eating and wearing thereof, respectively).

This is just the latest smart move in Gaga's brilliantly calibrated comeback tour. In 2014, ARTPOP proved to be a vomit-covered flop. Her much-hyped music video with R. Kelly, directed by Terry Richardson, was pulled after we all simultaneously remembered that both of those men are the worst.

Last fall, she went into damage control mode — putting the focus on her voice, not her other antics — with the release of a jazz standards album, Cheek to Cheek, and a co-headlining tour with Tony Bennett. On Sunday, she offered a show-stopping, no-frills Sound of Music medley at the Oscars that will probably be remembered as a high point in her career.

Now that Gaga's reasserted her raw talent, she's ready to remind us what a glorious weirdo she is.


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