Lara Trump Is Very Sad About Omarosa's Latest Dumb Tape

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On Thursday, Omarosa Manigault Newman released a third clandestinely recorded tape of her interactions in the belly of the Trump beast. In it, Trump campaign official and first daughter-in-law Lara Trump offers the recently fired Newman a $15,000 per month job with the president’s re-election team in exchange for being “positive.” Proof, as Omarosa explained to NBC, that the president was trying to buy her silence after her White House exit.


The tape—in which Trump tells Newman: “There are some things you’ve got in the back pocket to pull out. Clearly, if you come on board the campaign, like, we can’t have, we got to [...] Everything, everybody, positive, right?”—doesn’t quite rise to the scandalous level of its predecessors, as there are no apparent confirmations of Trump’s use of racial epithets, or indications that the president is a clueless doofus. But it has nevertheless struck a chord with Lara herself, who is apparently appalled by Omarosa’s “betrayal.”

“From the beginning of my father-in-law’s campaign, Omarosa was welcomed into our family as a trusted friend and confidant,” Trump wrote in a statement put out shortly after Omarosa’s latest tape was published. “On the Women for Trump tour, including Omarosa, we formed a sisterhood bond that is unlike any I have experienced in my life.”


Nothing says “sisterhood bond” like campaigning for a serial sexual predator. Girl power!

She continues:

When Omarosa was fired by the White House Chief of Staff in December of 2017, my entire family was concerned for her because we had no idea about the basis of her dismissal. We still wanted her on our team because we cared so much about her personally. That’s why I reached out to offer her a position with the 2020 Trump Campaign before we knew anything about the gross violations of ethics and integrity during her White House tenure. Another one of Omarosa’s ‘bombshell’ tapes is a fraud. The discussions about a position with the campaign took place in numerous phone calls over the course of several weeks

Woman to woman, I shared a connection with Omarosa as a friend and a campaign sister, and I am absolutely shocked and saddened by her betrayal and violation on a deeply personal level.

Putting aside the laughable excuse that she was just trying to help a friend her own father-in-law had just shitcanned, the idea that anyone in the Trump family would be “shocked” and “saddened” by an ethics violation is just ridiculous. (Keep in mind that this is the same Lara Trump who has willingly become the face of the president’s personal propaganda machine with her “real news” video updates from the campaign.)

“I hope it’s all worth it for you, Omarosa,” Lara’s statement concludes. “Because some things you just can’t put a price on.”


One thing you can put a price on, however, is Omarosa’s fat paycheck from her just-released Unhinged memoirs. It’s currently #2 on Amazon’s bestsellers list.

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