Larry Kudlow’s Brain Leaves the Building Over Simple Shutdown Question

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Judging by his performance today in front of the White House Press Corps, President Donald Trump’s chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow’s streak of being one of the administration’s most underrated dumbasses seems seriously at risk.


No longer content to merely stand on the sidelines as one of the president’s semi-anonymous, second-tier morons (admittedly a crowded field), Kudlow shoved himself squarely into the spotlight after opening his big stupid mouth to spew nonsense word vomit about what has now become the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

“Am I out of touch? I don’t think I’m out of touch. I’m addressing the problem,” Kudlow said at one point. “I mean, I’ve met with my individual staff members and god bless ‘em, they’re working for free. They’re volunteering.”

Hmmm. Is that what volunteering is, Larry?

In fact, when a reporter pointed out that furloughed federal employees aren’t volunteers so much as they’re victims of Trump’s callous government shutdown, Kudlow offered the following keen wisdom and insight into the situation:

You know what, I’m not even going to go there. You know what I’m saying, it’s very clear. And you know what else? With respect to people who do have financial hardships, as someone was asking: They are coming to work and giving them the same 24/7 work they always did. And I will say to you, whatever semantic game you think you’re going to play with me—and I’m usually an easy going guy—give them credit, okay? They honor us. They honor us by their service. I don’t care whether you’re Republican or Democrat. I mean that sincerely. They honor us. Democrats have shut government down, alright? But it’s know what I’m saying. They honor us. And they do it because of their love for the country and the office of the presidency, and presumably their allegiance to President Trump, but whatever, they’re doing it. Give ‘em some credit, y’know? There’s a lot of wonderful people in this country. There are a lot of wonderful people in this country. Especially some of these young—I’ve become a great fan of the millennials.

And then, trailing off as he spoke, Kudlow just turned around, said “thank you,” and walked away.

Seriously. Just watch:


Anyway, this has been your periodic reminder that when he’s not busy hosting white supremacists at his home or inexplicably talking shit on Canada, Larry Kudlow is a clueless dope who has no idea what he’s doing. God help us all.

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