Las Vegas mosque defaced with strips of bacon in latest attack on American Islamic center

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It would be great if we, as a country, could get through what's left of 2015 without doing something awful to a Muslim place of worship.

Local TV station NewsLV3 reports a Las Vegas-area mosque was defaced with strips of bacon draped over the door handles Sunday morning before worshipers arrived for morning prayer.


The consumption and handling of pork is forbidden according to the Quran, the holy scriptures of Islam. There are few ways of interpreting the bacon at the Masjid-e-Tawheed mosque except as an attack, albeit a passive aggressive one, on the local Muslim community.


Surveillance video of the incident aired by NewsLV3 showed an unidentified man putting the raw bacon on the door, eating some while he did it. Ew.

The Council for American-Islamic Relations condemned the attack in a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and called for it to be investigated by state and local authorities as a hate crime.


The Las Vegas mosque was the third American Islamic center over the holiday weekend to be desecrated in some way, with a Houston-area mosque falling victim to an arson attack and a Central California mosque having a molotov cocktail detonated outside it.

All three are part of a pattern of attacks against Islamic religious sites that has had 2015 see the most recorded attacks against U.S. mosques, according to CAIR. Add one more to the books.

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