Latinx voters could cost Donald Trump the election—and he's freaking out

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If Latinx people continuing coming out in force for Hillary Clinton, it could be the extra push the Democratic nominee needs to win the election. Early voting data indicates a surge of Latinx voters heading to the polls for Clinton. Naturally, Donald Trump is calling it all a giant conspiracy.


It's fitting that Latinx voters could be Trump's downfall, considering that he has made anti-immigrant bigotry such a core part of his campaign.

These voters are proving to be an especially powerful political force to be reckoned with in Florida and Nevada—two swing states expected to play a significant role in the outcome of the election.


Jon Ralston, widely regarded as the leading political analyst in Nevada, made huge waves after he declared Trump had essentially no path to victory in the state thanks to the early voting results. "The Republicans almost certainly lost Nevada on Friday," he wrote.

In Las Vegas, a Latino grocery store stayed open until 10 PM on Friday  to accommodate the influx of early voters voters, who were willing to wait in line for two hours to cast their ballots, according to ABC News.

The surge of early Latino voters clearly has the Trump campaign on edge. Trump accused Democrats of voter fraud on Saturday according to The Guardian.

"It’s being reported certain key Democratic polling locations in Clark County [in Nevada] were kept open hours and hours beyond closing time to bus and bring Democratic voters in.” He added, “folks, it’s a rigged system, it’s a rigged system” to loud boos, before insisting, “we’re going to beat it”.


Clinton holds a narrower lead in Florida, but notably, CNN has found turnout among Latinx voters is up a staggering 103% from this point in 2008.

While Latinx voters seem likely to be a deciding factor in this election, the outcome is far from certain, and turnout on Election Day will be just as important as early voting.

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