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Laura Ingraham, the Fox News host who recently laughed at the death of a murdered man hours after his funeral, thinks that a whole lot of people need to apologize to her, and more importantly, to the president of the United States, for being wrong about the outcome of the Mueller investigation and for saying a bunch of mean things about Fox News.

To which I say: Hey Siri, play ‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)’ by YG feat. Nipsey Hussle.

On her show the Ingraham Angle Thursday night, Ingraham demanded that Democrats, the media, and “rabid Never-Trumpers” say they’re sorry for believing the president was colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election, despite the Mueller report containing any number of disturbing revelations about Trump and his inner circle.


“All of them, no words for their calumny, their lies, and their false accusations,” Ingraham said. “Are they really paying you enough to say that stuff, guys?”

This, to which I also say: OK Google, play “Sorry” by Beyoncé.

Throughout her show’s intro, in which she cast all of the mean things people have said about the president as baseless, Ingraham also played media clips of people calling Trump a traitor and a betrayer of the nation and of people criticizing Trump’s family and children, who have embarrassed themselves pretty well on their own, Mueller investigation aside. Ingraham also demanded that We The Other People apologize for criticizing Attorney General Bill Barr’s handling of this mess.

“And to those who branded the primetime hosts on this network as ‘state news’ for daring to tell the truth, not just our truth, but the truth? You owe us an apology,” Ingraham said, just before playing clips of people calling Trump watching Fox News an “echo chamber.”

“No wonder they were so angry today. It was ‘sedition,’ ‘treason.’ Now, ‘Oh, Fox News,’” she continued.


Ingraham is just one of many people eating up Mueller’s conclusion that the campaign didn’t directly collude with Russia to swing the election, which is fine—have your day, pop your champagne, pat yourself on the back and feel vindicated, whatever. But Ingraham, Trump, Trump’s children, Fox News, and anyone mentioned in that bit of hers don’t get to demand apologies, particularly given how they’ve willfully mislead voters and viewers and vilified and stoked violent rage against immigrants, American Muslims, and anyone who is a shade darker than they are.

To close us out: Hey Siri, play ‘Roses’ by OutKast.

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