Laura Ingraham Calls Robert E. Lee One of the 'Truly Great Men'

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Just one day after giving White House Chief of Staff and certified Bad Man John Kelly a nationally televised platform to praise Confederate general Robert E. Lee, Fox News host Laura Ingraham returned on Tuesday to offer her own terrible opinion on the brutal slave-owning secessionist.

After citing both JFK and FDR for having praised Lee—an unfortunate truth that does more to diminish their reputation than bolster Lee’s—Ingraham began to wax philosophical about the “American story”:

We hope it’s an unending story, just goes on and on and on like in all of our lives, we have failures, we have triumphs, we have successes. We have virtues and sins. And, yet, we want to look at each monument or relic through the eyes of the politically correct idea of the time. And obviously everyone knows that slavery is evil. But the idea that because someone happened to be born in the South, and how many people, maybe, the two of you historians know, how many southerners didn’t side with the South? Not many, right, not many, at least during the war.


At this point Ingraham’s guest, historian and author Craig Shirley chimed in to affirm that “most of them” weren’t. Ingraham continued:

Most of them were not slave owners. Isn’t it important now that we have a historical understanding that we can all, we can gravitate toward it we don’t have to agree on everything. But there are certain things like the anthem and our founding that we can say God, these were truly great men. They had great sacrificial concern for the country.


The segment in question begins at the 25:00 minute mark, below:

So, let’s get this straight:

Slavery: Bad.

Fighting for slavery: Also bad.


The guy who lead an army to fight for slavery: In the company of “truly great men.”


It’s nice to know that there’s people out there who think treasonous rebellion in the name of owning another human being is still a redeemable crime.