Laura Loomer Is at It Again

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Alt-right provocateur and free speech martyr Laura Loomer is not content to rest on her laurels as the woman who locked herself to (one of) the doors at Twitter headquarters and demanded to be given back her God-given right to post. But Loomer wants more. She wants fame. She wants fortune. She wants, it seems... to break into Nancy Pelosi’s house?

Earlier today, Loomer reportedly appeared on Speaker of the House Pelosi’s property in Napa County, CA. She brought along a tent with a rudimentary sign reading “IMMORALITY” spray painted on it, according to The Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer.


According to Sommer, a person associated with Loomer told him it was legal to trespass on Pelosi’s property because there were no “no trespassing” signs. Sure.

Loomer later said that she had “tried to open the doors to Pelosi’s house.”


When police arrived, Loomer & co. refused to provide identification, reasoning that “[Governor] Gavin Newsom says we don’t need ID!” according to Sommer.

The only actually disturbing thing about this absurd ordeal is that some of the people Loomer brought with her onto Pelosi’s property may have been undocumented immigrants. It’s unclear why they were there, what Loomer’s goal was in involving them, and what may have happened to them afterwards.


Eventually, Loomer was kicked off Pelosi’s property and given a warning, but not arrested.

Mission accomplished?