Lauren Sanchez's Trump-Loving Brother Reportedly Leaked Bezos Sexts to the Enquirer

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Turns out a billionaire’s paranoia that entire governments are trying to destroy him by leaking his dick pics might be just that. Michael Sanchez, the brother of news anchor Lauren Sanchez, who had an affair with Jeff Bezos, reportedly leaked the creepy sexts between the couple to the National Enquirer, CNN reported on Wednesday night.

Citing two people with knowledge of the matter, CNN reported Sanchez was the tabloid’s source. Gavin de Becker, who is leading Bezos’ private investigative team, first named Sanchez as a suspect to the Daily Beast late last month.

Since then, both the Beast and the Associated Press reported the investigation concluded Sanchez was the leaker. He declined to comment to CNN on Wednesday, but previously denied leaking the sexts to the Washington Post. A representative for American Media Inc., the Enquirer’s parent company, told CNN that it “declines to comment on sources.”


The reporting comes after Bezos published a post on Medium last week suggesting that President Donald Trump or the Saudi Arabian government had something to do with his private photos being in the Enquirer’s possession. He also accused AMI and the Enquirer of trying to blackmail him with the photos, which he cited as his reason for going public.

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, before the network reported him as the source, Sanchez insisted he’d been told by a third party that Bezos’ investigators had “cleared” him of “any involvement” in the matter.


“I have been told that the Amazon investigation determined that I was not involved in the leak of the dick pics, because I never had access to any of the dick pics,” he said at the time.

Sanchez, a talent agent, has managed the likes of several Trump associates, and called himself a “strong Trump supporter” in a 2016 letter to the Los Angeles Times. The Times also reported Sanchez has ties to Trump associates Roger Stone and Carter Page, and that Sanchez recently called Stone to discuss the Bezos investigation. Stone denied having any involvement with the Bezos leak, while Page told the Times he and Sanchez talk “from time to time.”