Laverne Cox and Beyoncé Celebrate 'Being Free...Without Any Judgment' in Stunning New Campaign


Last month, Orange Is The New Black actress and trans activist Laverne Cox announced that she was collaborating with Beyoncé on a secret new project.


On Wednesday, the project was finally unveiled: the Emmy-nominated star is now a model for Beyoncé’s activewear company, Ivy Park. The brand posted pictures of Cox on its Instagram page.

“It’s about being free. Listening and moving without any judgement or limitation,” Cox was quoted as saying in the Instagram post.

Cox also posted images from the campaign on her own Instagram.


According to People, Cox has only met Beyoncé once, during the 2017 Grammys, but was still excited to just be a part of the campaign.

“It feels like some weird fantasy that I’ve had since Destiny’s Child. It feels amazing that I get to be a part of this brand that has already inspired me and be working with a woman who has especially been a huge inspiration to me and so many folks around the world,” Cox told People.


Clips of Cox and other models were also posted to the Ivy Park website.

Check out more images below.


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