Laverne Cox used her Grammy moment to highlight this important trans rights case

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Today, Lady Gaga and Metallica came together to give us a technical difficulty-riddled and all-around strange performance at the Grammys, but before that happened, Laverne Cox took the opportunity to give a very important shoutout to Gavin Grimm, the 17-year-old boy who was barred from using the men’s bathroom at his high school because he’s transgender.


Despite initially receiving support from his high school and immediate community, the Gloucester County School Board in Virginia ruled that students could only use the bathroom that matches their biological gender. On March 28, the Supreme Court will hear Gavin’s case—their decision will have a huge impact on trans rights.


Cox asked viewers to google Grimm’s case and the hashtag #StandwithGavin, bringing trans rights to yet another platform.

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