Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Harvey Weinstein Episode...Sort Of

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2017 has been an emotionally exhausting, devastating, and difficult year for a lot of us, particularly those who aren’t rich white businessmen or neo-Nazis. And while the #MeToo movement has increased consciousness of sexual harassment in the workplace, every new allegation brings the horrific re-realization of the enduring power of misogyny. Which sounds like great TV! Enter the folks from Law & Order: SVU.


Everyone’s favorite ripped-from-the-headlines bingewatch is taking on the Harvey Weinstein scandal in an upcoming episode, because this whole Weinstein thing is more dramatic and horrifying (read: juicier) than SVU could have dreamed of. The episode won’t be that directly inspired because instead of focusing on Hollywood, the episode will revolve around a commercial airline pilot (played by Martin Donavan) who is accused of sexual assault by his co-pilot (Yasmine Al Massri).

Apparently the show’s writers were already working on an episode about rape culture when the allegations against Weinstein first surfaced, which is confusing because isn’t the whole show about rape culture? SVU’s showrunner gave a very vague description of the episode to the Hollywood Reporter:

“Here we have a closed industry, and we see how everybody has been protecting the guy for years — but we also offer a solution to the whole problem...a really clever legal solution,” showrunner Michael Chernuchin told The Hollywood Reporter.

As much as I would love if Law & Order: SVU actually solved the crisis of toxic masculinity in the professional world, something tells me that’s probably not going to be the case. Especially seeing as how the show plans on turning what happened in Charlottesville into an apolitical scandalous squabble.

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