Leslie Jones couldn't find anyone to dress her for the 'Ghostbusters' premiere

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Earlier today, comedian, SNL cast member, and star of the upcoming Ghostbusters film Leslie Jones, took to Twitter to voice an issue that most stars of blockbuster movies do not face. No designers were willing to provide a dress for her to wear to the premiere of Ghostbusters on July 9.


Once again, we’re faced with the reality that despite her talent and success, fashion designers clearly don’t consider Jones and her body beautiful enough to model their garments. Clearly they’re operating within the same, narrow, boring, and harmful-ass spectrum of body standards.


While it’s not necessarily surprising, it’s particularly depressing given the fact that Jones’ own costar Melissa McCarthy has been so outspoken on the exclusion of big women in fashion. In a 2014 interview with Redbook, McCarthy explained her frustration at the very situation that Jones found herself in today. “Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me,” she said. “I asked five or six designers — very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people — and they all said no.”  Last year, in an interview with Refinery29, she said:

“Women come in all sizes. Seventy percent of women in the United States are a size 14 or above, and that’s technically ‘plus-size,’ so you’re taking your biggest category of people and telling them, ‘You’re not really worthy.’ I find that very strange.”

For the past few years McCarthy has worked to destigmatize the idea of “plus-sized,” while giving women with larger bodies more fashionable and chic options. She has collaborated with various designers and dress makers for her red carpet looks and has launched her own fashion line Seven7.

So given the fact that she has been so steadfast in normalizing all body types, it’s pretty crazy that her costar is still facing issues being acknowledged by fashion designers. Or she was, until designer and winner of Project Runway season four Christian Siriano stepped in, presumably to design a dress for her.


I’m assuming this means that Siriano, who has dressed the likes of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, will be designing a dress for Jones, which is great! But it’s still messed up that major designers, who throw their dresses and jewelry at other (white and skinny) celebrities, refused to dress Leslie Jones. But as she said, she won’t be forgetting that, and neither will we.

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