Leslie Jones’ website was hacked, exposing nude photos and personal information

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Leslie Jones is a good actress who makes very funny jokes and is so good at Twitter she got flown down to Rio to tweet about the Olympics. Leslie Jones starred in the new Ghostbusters, which was hilarious and totally worth the $12.00 I paid to see it in theaters. Other than being a black woman trying to live her life and achieve greatness, Leslie Jones has done nothing to deserve the ridiculous amount of hate she continues to receive online.

Earlier this month, Jones was forced off of Twitter for a few nights after users harassed her so much that the experience became unbearable. They called her horrible names, made very racist comments about her appearance, and were just generally awful. Twitter did permanently ban conservative blogger Milo Yiannopoulus and other users from its platform due to a violation of company policies. But little other action could be taken against them.

Today, truly evil people on some kind of vigilante "justice" mission to avenge (idk) the fact that a woman dared to be in a movie, hacked Leslie Jones's personal website. According to the NY Daily News, the hackers posted nude photos of her along with copies of her driver's license and passport, leaking her personal information.


This is completely insane. Leslie Jones is a 48-year-old entertainer trying to live her goddamn life. But because she is a black woman who dares to exist, and to speak, and to make jokes, she cannot do that easily. The world is bad. Leslie Jones does not deserve this. No one does.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.

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