Let Samantha Bee explain just how much the Trump administration misunderstands sanctuary cities

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As part of its widespread immigration crackdown, the Trump administration is moving forward with plans to put pressure on American sanctuary cities—places that refuse to arrest undocumented residents over their immigration status—by withholding federal funding.


To listen to the way that Trump talks about sanctuary cities, one could get the impression that they are dystopian hotbeds of chaos where rabid children fight one another for scraps of meat in the streets. Thankfully, Samantha Bee is here to answer your questions and dispel misconceptions you might have about sanctuary cities, which are, you know, objectively good for the country.

Sanctuary cities are really just cities and counties that aren't going out of their way to spend taxpayer dollars kicking other taxpayers out of the country. They also ofter a home where undocumented people "don't have to live like animals," Bee said during Wednesday night's "Full Frontal."

Watch the full segment below: