Let the Taiwanese Animators explain the post-Scalia SCOTUS wars

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In the hours after conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death this past weekend, there's been a raging war of words between the left and the right about just what should happen next.

A number of prominent conservative voices in the Senate are clamoring to keep President Obama from appointing a new Justice in the last year of his presidency—a move that, in some cases, would ironically make the court more liberal by default.


Liberals, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, think Republicans are being ridiculous and calling for the president to neglect his constitutional duty.

While reading about all of the political bickering is entertaining in its own right, seeing the post-Scalia squabble animated and rendered in 3D is a transcendent experience that the Taiwanese Animators think we all deserve to witness. So they helpfully made a new video for us to watch. Check it out below.