Let's check in on the Donald Trump fan fiction scene

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America is still suffering from a severe lack of Donald Trump fan fiction, but good news: this country's Donald Trump fan fiction deficiency is slowly but surely being addressed.


Back in August I reported on "Love Trumps All," the first piece of fan fiction of the 2016 election cycle.

Since then, however, three new pieces of Donald Trump fan fiction have appeared on fanfic clearinghouse fanfiction.net, matching Trump's surge in the polls. The oldest, posted Sept. 8, is titled, "Trump Wants Forgiveness He Does Not Deserve," about Trump taking a trip to a Dollar General store. It's listed as "humor" and very short:

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And then we get to the meaty stuff. A second piece, also posted in September, is a crossover story with the Ghostbusters. It's called "trumps ghosts problem" and involves the Ghostbusters looking for work, ending up in a Trump building, and killing Trump's son Eric. It's a poor attempt at humor, but it does have the distinction of being the first Trump fanfic to mention the presidential campaign, right at the end:

Thens Donald trumps came back from presidential complaing . "where is eric and did you get the latinos ghosts?" sayed trup hopesfully. "eric was a ghost so we gotted him" explained the ghosters."oh that's okay eric was lame"sayed Donald trump. He gaved them all 50 dollars except Winston black buster he got only 35. "wow" sayed Winston. "another job is well done by us the ghosts busters" sayed them with joy. They wented to back to homebase to get ready for a new day of catchering ghosts

An: the end or was its? Check in next weekend for more spicy action and political intreeg.

More than a month later, no more "spicy action and political inreeg" has been delivered. Oh well.

The newest piece of Trump fanfic is an honest-to-goodness piece of slashfic. In other words, there's sex. Specifically between Trump, President Obama, and professional wrestler John Cena. Like all the other Trump fanfic, it's short, but it's also NSFW, so click through at your own peril. The story is more of a collection of three sexual anecdotes about Trump, Obama, and Cena told from different perspectives. One is from Trump's perspective, another from Cena's, and a third from the perspective of an omniscient third person narrator. It's also categorized as "Humor/Parody."


While it's heartening to see more Trump fanfic showing up, there's still relatively little fanfic about other candidates. There is now a piece of Bernie Sanders fanfic, in which Sanders is running for class president. That also focuses on Trump, though, who shows up to run against him. That one is pretty well written, which is a nice change.

Still no new Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio fanfic though. None for Lincoln Chafee either. Can you imagine?


This has been an electoral fanfic update.

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