Let's Hear From Some Williamsburg Pioneers!

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It is no exaggeration to say that nothing in this hollow world brings as much joy as hearing the unedited public statements of people who quite recently moved to Williamsburg—Brooklyn’s most intolerable neighborhood—reminiscing about the “Wild West” days of a few years back.


The New York Post may be a dirty fascist rag, but it still delivers the goods.

[Photographer Michael] Cinquino moved to the neighborhood in 2010, renting an apartment at 184 Kent Ave. on the waterfront. That building is now known as the Austin Nichols House, which was converted to condos that launched sales in May 2016.

“Back then, there was basically nothing here but a Duane Reade,” he says. “One of our concerns was that walking from our apartment to the Bedford station could be a little bit unsafe because it was vastly unpopulated. Now, it has completely blown up.”