Let's Name Elizabeth Warren's New Puppy

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Senator Elizabeth Warren got a new puppy. He looks like a very good boy.

In a tweet on Monday, Warren said the Golden Retriever pup is still unnamed, so let’s give her some help, shall we?


Here are some puppy name ideas from Splinter staffers, presented free of charge:

- Elizabeth II

- Bruce Warren (Dog, Not Husband)

- Mitch McConnell

- CFPB (Consumer Financial Puppy Bureau)

- The Regulator

- Warren G (a famous regulator)

- BDE (Boy Dog of Elizabeth)

- BDE (Baby Dog Energy)

- Tom (just a cute dog name IMO)

- Roscoe

- Randy Savage (the Dog)

- Clarence

- Crimson

- Crimben

- Crimby

- CFPB (Cute Friggin’ Puppy Bro)

- Iowa Straw Poll Winner

- Bardo

- Harvey (short for Harvard, where Warren taught—you know what, never mind)

- Fenway

- Chowder

- Kid (pronounced “Kehd”)

- “It’s a Baby Fuckin’ Wheel, Man!!!”

- Goofus and/or Gallant

- Scrappy

- Cowpoke

- Pokey

- Jamboree

- Snuffles

- Gigglesnuff

- Hugo Chavez (the Dog)

- Percy (short for Persistence)

- Medicare For All, the Dog

- Willie

- Rascal

- Abolish ICE, the Dog

Is this puppy a delightful escape for Warren from the daily hell we all must bear witness to, as she alluded to in her tweet? Is the pup part of a cynical popularity play before Warren ramps up a possible 2020 presidential campaign? A little of both?


Either way, we can all help Elizabeth Warren name her family’s new puppy. Give it a shot in the comments.

Senior politics reporter at Splinter.

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