Pop quiz, hotshot. It's Monday lunchtime and you're ordering a sandwich at the local convenience store. Then you turn to the register and who's standing next to you but Donald Trump.

What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

This is the scenario Tom Kohler found himself in yesterday when a trip to a Wawa in King of Prussia, PA, coincided with a Donald Trump campaign visit. To add to the stakes for Kohler, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported he's also the chair of a local Democratic Party committee and a legislative aide to a Democratic state Rep. Tim Briggs whose name was emblazoned on his sweatshirt.

Here's how Kohler reacted when a Getty Images photographer started taking pictures.

Getty Images


Kohler deserves a lot of credit, not just for extricating himself from a sticky situation, but for ruining a Donald Trump publicity appearance with maybe the greatest political photobomb in history, without even trying.

Kohler wanted the Inquirer to know that the whole incident was just a weird coincidence.


"I was just annoyed because I was just trying to get my lunch and I couldn't get away from him." Kohler said. "I hope people don't think I was there intentionally. I certainly was not."

We understand perfectly, Tom Kohler.