LeVar Burton's Kickstarter Campaign Wants To Bring 'Reading Rainbow' Back

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There’s a new Kickstarter campaign that wants to bring back LeVar Burton’s popular children’s show, Reading Rainbow, which ran from 1983 to 2006, and was syndicated until 2009.


With the goal of improving child literacy, Burton’s Kickstarter plans to build an online version of the show, so that any child with access to the Internet can benefit from the program. The campaign also wants to develop a classroom version of the show, which will be distributed to low-income schools for free.

The campaign is looking to raise $1 million by July 2. Some of the rewards for donating are as follows:

  • If you donate $10, you will be included on a thank you tweet from @ReadingRainbow and get downloadable digital wallpapers.
  • If you donate $350, Burton will follow you on Twitter for a year and write you a personal tweet to thank you.
  • If you donate $400, Burton will record a personalized voicemail message for your incoming calls.
  • If you donate $10,000, you will get a private dinner with Burton, and you will get to wear the original visor that Burton wore in Star Trek: The Next Generation (note travel and accommodations are not included)

Oh, and you’ll also get the lifetime satisfaction that you helped children learn how to read, if, you know, you care about that sort of thing or whatever.

You can watch the campaign video here:

H/T The Wrap