Liar Confirms He'll Be Indicted for Lying to Mueller

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Jerome Corsi, a noted conspiracy theorist and pal of former Trump confidant Roger Stone, said on a livestream Monday afternoon that he expects to be indicted soon as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sweeping investigation.


As NBC News reported, Corsi said he’s known about the impending indictment for perjury for about a week:

In a strange, rambling livestream on YouTube shortly after NBC broke the story, Corsi confirmed he’s expecting to be indicted. He went on to say he would be indicted for “some form of lying” but later said he wasn’t sure exactly what he was being indicted for.

“I’m, I think, the next to get indicted,” Corsi said on the livestream. “And I think that’s the truth of it today.”

Corsi has been a focus of the Mueller investigation for months, as he’s a figure central to the weird, nebulous sideshow involving Stone’s communications with the Trump campaign and Wikileaks.

As the New York Times reported in September, he and Trump go way back in the conspiracy-verse:

Mr. Corsi, who has worked with the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his Infowars operation, has dealt with Mr. Stone on and off for years. Mr. Corsi was also one of the people whom President Trump, before he was a candidate, contacted for information about former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate in pressing the false claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States.


During the stream, he urged listeners to donate to his Paypal to fund a legal defense. Corsi was previously subpoenaed in September of this year, and said today he “did try to cooperate,” and “thought [he] was trying to do a pretty good job of it until it all, you know, blows apart.”

Corsi then switched gears and began rambling about the Republican conspiracy that Democrats are trying to steal the Florida Senate and gubernatorial elections.


“I’m not sure there is a valid election at this point across the United States,” Corsi said on the stream. “This looks to me like criminal activity.”

Certainly seems like he’d know a thing or two about that!

Contributing Writer, Splinter