Lindsey Graham Has Decided to Be a Complete Psychopath About Brett Kavanaugh

Screenshot: Fox News
Screenshot: Fox News

Republicans were looking for a hero to step forward to defend the honor of the silver spoon dipshit who thinks a seat on the Supreme Court is his birthright no matter how many people he’s been accused of sexually assaulting. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina stepped up to the plate, and seems to have enjoyed doing that so much that he now won’t shut the hell up about it.


Following his outburst during last Thursday’s Senate hearing—which effectively ended the questioning of Kavanaugh, a man accused of sex crimes, by Rachel Mitchell, the GOP’s chosen sex crimes prosecutor, and which won Graham rave reviews from the White House—the senator gave a batshit interview last night to none other than Sean Hannity.

Graham took direct aim at NBC News, which reported yesterday that texts between former Yale classmates of Kavanaugh suggested that some of his classmates had been in communication with him and his lawyers prior to the New Yorker’s story about Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez.


“[NBC News] has been a coconspirator in the destruction of Kavanaugh, from my point of view,” Graham said. “There was an anonymous letter received by Cory Gardner, the senator from Colorado, with no return address, no information, just a letter, accusing Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting somebody in a restaurant in 1998 in Colorado. Cory hands it to the committee, somebody on the Democratic side leaked that letter.”

(Just to be clear, accusing NBC News of being a “co-conspirator” is bullshit. In the story, which focused on the Senate investigation of the accusation, a Democratic aide told NBC News that Democrats were focusing on the allegations “that include people who have come forward.”)

Graham also told Hannity that if Kavanaugh’s nomination were to be defeated, Trump should renominate him so we can relive this process all over again, presumably for the GOP to win a couple of Senate seats in red states.

“I would re-nominate him and I would take this case to the American people, and I’d ask voters in Indiana and Missouri and North Dakota and other places where Trump won saying who he would nominate if he got to be president and see if voters want to appeal the verdict of their senator,” Graham said.


“This would be an appeal from a political body to the people who put us here and see if these Trump states that elected President Trump to do exactly what he is doing on cutting taxes and appointing conservative judges, if they’re OK with the decision of their senator,” he continued. “I don’t think we’re going to get there. I think we’re going to get 50 plus, but if we fell one vote short, for the good of the nation I would appeal this to the people of the country and let them have a say.”

Lest you think Graham slipped up or just got carried away by being in the presence of a top Trump adviser, he released a statement on Tuesday reiterating that yes, he absolutely believes Trump should renominate a man alleged to have committed multiple sexual assaults to the Supreme Court of the United States, were that man’s current nomination to be defeated.


Chalk this up as yet another example of what the GOP is now: a former presidential rival whose number Trump gave out to own him, who has been firmly in the neoconservative wing of the party for years, is now openly embracing his MAGA Twitter troll side in what can only be considered a clear political calculation. No matter what the “moderates” or Never Trumpers say, this is Trump’s party now and promises to be for the foreseeable future.

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