Lindsey Graham made a critical internet error in his final YouTube video as a candidate

YouTube/Lindsey Graham

On Monday morning, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham posted a short video to YouTube to announce that he had suspended his campaign for president.

The video itself was concise: Posing in front of a tasteful background, Graham appeared level-headed and gracious.


The real problem? The Graham campaign left open the comments section underneath the YouTube video.

Almost immediately YouTube commenters proved why that section should remain closed, sullying any dignity the video had managed.

The first commenters insulted Graham:


There was a fair amount of name-calling:


And then the wingnuts arrived, Caps Lock buttons mashed down firmly:


This was followed by more insults directed at Graham, an endorsement for Donald Trump that for some reason used the C-word, and, in general, a surprising amount of profanity for ten o'clock in the morning. In other words: a typical internet comments section.

It was at this point that someone on the Graham team must have noticed the comments section going the way of an Infowars message board. Now, all that's left of the comments section is this:


Let this be a lesson to all candidates: If you drop out of the race with a YouTube video, do yourself a favor and suspend comments from the beginning. You are probably not going to get congratulated by legions of adoring fans!

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