Lindsey Graham Tries and Spectacularly Fails to Dunk on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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The image of a mother shielding her children while fleeing a chemical attack would be the sort of thing that most ordinary people might find repulsive. But not Republican senator and undercooked Pillsbury Doughboy Lindsey Graham.

For Graham, being horrified about the U.S. Border Patrol’s tear gas attacks on migrants over the weekend is the sort of thing that causes him to be a huge asshole for absolutely no reason other than “owning the libs.”

After incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez correctly pointed out that many of the asylum seekers who’d been gassed on Sunday were, in fact, entirely within their rights to claim refugee status, Graham decided that now was the right time to chime in and say that, um, actually, THE HOLOCAUST.


Heeeeere’s Lindsey:

First off: What kind of psychopath sees a person expressing empathy at children being tear gassed, and thinks to themselves “you know what they need? A museum!” But I digress.

Let’s say Ocasio-Cortez did, in fact, take Graham up on his completely dickish suggestion to visit the Holocaust Museum. Odds are pretty good that while there she’d learn about the German transatlantic liner St. Louis, which spent weeks during the spring of 1939 desperately trying to find a port of departure for its hundreds of Jewish passengers fleeing the Nazi Government—only to have their attempt to dock in the United States blocked by the Roosevelt administration since, as the Museum’s website explains “they did not have US immigration visas and had not passed a security screening.”


Ultimately, more than a quarter of the ship’s passenger manifest would die after they were forced back to Nazi Germany.

But yeah Lindsey, please do share why you think this caravan of refugees fleeing violence in their home countries, only to be turned away at the United States’ border, is completely different. I’m sure we’d all love to hear your museum-quality explanation.

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