Tim Rogers/ Fusion

BOULDER, Colorado—Tyler Hanzel is more excited for Wednesday's Republican debate than most of his fellow students at University of Colorado, Boulder.

That’s because the 20-year-old business administration major was one of the lucky few to score a coveted student ticket to see the debate live. You might not see him in the crowd, but he says there’s a good chance you could hear him during a lull in the debate.

“I’ll yell Kanye for president!,” Hanzel says. “I’ve got a loud voice and I like to speak up.”

Hanzel, who says he got his debate ticket from his roommate, doesn’t expect the university crowd inside the event to cause much of a ruckus tonight, despite the student body’s strong leftist leanings. He says the 99 students who got tickets were hand-selected and are expected to be a mild-mannered and decorous crowd.


CU Boulder Tyler Hanzel says he plans to vote for himself, despite his enthusiasm for Kanye
Tim Rogers

Hanzel, however, doesn’t fit that mold. And he says he’d like to see a little excitement, even if he has to create it himself.


“I want to see Trump get torn apart by the City of Boulder, because he’s not welcome here,” says Hanzel, who says he spends his free time volunteering with the homeless. “Plus, I’m not a fan of fake hair.”

So will Kanye really be his write-in candidate? No. Hanzel has another favorite. “I’m going to vote for myself. Vote Tyler Hanzel for president!”


“Seriously,” he adds; “I’m going to run for president in 20 years.”