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Did you know that removing the Confederate flag from outside the S.C. State House and taking The Dukes of Hazard off TV is all part of some conspiracy cooked up by Pres. Obama's PC haters? Because ISIS?

At least that's what an ominous robocall is telling S.C. residents and lawmakers. Listen to message—recorded and shared on Twitter by Qorvis MSLGROUP managing director Wyeth Ruthven—below.

A group calling itself the Conservative Response Team has claimed responsibility for the automated call. They allege to have reached as many as 40,000 households.

The State reports that the calls were timed to preempt the S.C. General Assembly's debate over whether they should remove the Confederate flag from state grounds, where it has flown since 2000 after being moved from the dome of the State House.


Calls to remove the flag—a banner from the United States' slaveholding past—have amplified after nine people were shot and killed at an historic black church in Charleston on Jun. 17.

The Conservative Response Team declined to comment on this story. When asked, they told the PC haters of Fusion that they "have no interest in talking with publications that put out this crap," and then linked to Latoya Peterson's piece on why Bree Newsome is a "true American patriot."


Bad at filling out bios seeks same.