Photo: Alex Brandon (AP)

Donald Trump just had a meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to discuss re-opening the government. It didn’t go well and yeah... he mad!

He reportedly actually said “bye-bye!” And that’s Trump’s version of the story. Does he think this makes him look good? Sure, his worst supporters will see this as a ‘big strong guy walking out’ moment, and Ben Garrison will draw another vaguely risqué comic of a swol Trump slamming the door shut on Pelosi and Schumer but like... come on. He had a tantrum.

I’m really not sure how he thinks this one is going to play out for him. The Republicans are trying to frame this as being on the Democrats but you really can’t spin it when one party literally leaves the bargaining table:


As a side-note, what’s with politicians and little pieces of pocket candy, shit is so weird:

We have confirmation on the type of candy as well:


Pelosi, to her credit, got in a few decent burns.


Things got so bad during the meeting that Sen. Dick Durbin told a reporter Trump basically said he’s not into the whole “doing his job” thing today:

The deals president, everybody. Look how he deals!