London cops declare two-week amnesty for people to turn in their illegal guns

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During a two-week amnesty period, Londoners who turn over their guns won't be arrested by police for illegal possession of a weapon.


The program will run from Nov. 23–Dec. 6, targeting real guns but also imitation weapons, according to a statement from police: "A social media campaign will highlight how realistic imitation firearms can appear—even to the highly-trained eye of a firearms officer—and the dangers faced by anyone carrying such an item in an inappropriate setting."


During last year's amnesty, the first held in six years, the police said they collected 350 guns and over 12,000 rounds of ammunitions. The revival of the yearly amnesty coincides with an increase in gun crime in some parts of London. Police figures show that overall, the city has seen an 11.2% increase in the number of gun crimes between September 2014 and September 2015.

"Last weekend's tragic events in Paris have inevitably led to a heightened state of alert on the capital's streets," Detective Superintendent Stephen Clayman of the Trident and Area Crime Command said in the statement. "Gun crime, whilst low in London compared with other world cities, has a devastating impact on communities."

The Met Police released this map to draw attention to the program:

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