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There's nothing like a tube strike to bring out the best smartass commentary from Londoners. The union strikes bringing transport to a standstill come in protest of working conditions and a planned night time service on some lines of the tube. The last train on most lines leaves at around midnight currently.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Workers Union and two others are planning two more 24-hour strikes that would effectively stop tube service on several lines on Aug. 25 and 27.

While commuters might be feeling like this after strikes last week and in July:


Some Londoners channeled their frustration into posts on Instagram:



Meanwhile, a group of Londoners on Reddit have decided they'll stage a sit-in protest at a tube station if the night time service (scheduled to begin on Sept. 12) is delayed by the strikes. "Let's do a sit-in on the last tube on the night of 12 September then," reddit user alikaz wrote yesterday.

Then again, maybe they'll just have a party outside a tube station instead, as another reddit user sort of suggested:

  • Edit: Wiser redditors than I have posed the possible probable legal repercussions of a sit-in type action. As I already said, don't want to see anyone getting nicked for this. What other options do we have? Simple party outside a station of your choice? Start it at 1830 and have a few drinks, sing a few songs then go on reddit and complain about how long it took to get the bus home?