Look at Jeff Sessions Having a Lil' Meltdown

During his highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions presented a largely affable front, leaning heavily on an “aw shucks, I’m just a poor country lawyer” affectation while blatantly pivoting away from anything resembling a straightforward answer about Russia, or James Comey, or Donald Trump, and on and on and on.


And then he kind of had a meltdown.

Sessions seemed largely unprepared for Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden’s rapid-fire barrage of questions, and when asked about former FBI director James Comey’s assertion that there were problematic elements to the AG’s recusal from the ongoing Russia investigation, he just lost it.


“Why don’t you tell me?” Sessions spat, before raising his voice and shouting “there are none! There are none!” He then railed against what he said was a “secret innuendo” being “leaked” about him.

Jeff, u mad bro?

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