Look at the Absurdly Large Christmas Card Donald Trump Sent to Congress

Christmas cards are the worst of all Christmas traditions, and I say this as a person who comes from a country where a boiled meat fat pudding is traditionally served for Christmas dessert. They are bad because they are sent out of a sense of social duty, not actual warm feeling, and because if you receive one from someone right before Christmas and you didn’t send one to that person, you feel like a real dick.

Still, it is something a lot of people do, including Donald Trump. And this year, it seems Trump felt he should send a card the size of a fucking pony to Congressional offices, as pictures sent by a tipster on the Hill reveal:


That is a penny for scale (“I’m not rich enough to use a quarter,” says our source). Dude. Why is it so big? That is not Christmas card-sized. That is not even regular paper-sized. That is a placemat. That is a whole damn table. Can it even stand up on a mantle by itself?

For comparison, see this photo showing Trump’s card next to last year’s card from President Obama, which is normal:


I will not speculate on why Trump felt the need to send a bigger card than his predecessor.

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