Looks Like Steve Wynn Is as Horrible a Person as His Face Suggests

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On Friday, the Wall Street Journal published a startling report that Steve Wynn—Las Vegas casino mogul, GOP finance chairman and sufferer of Melting Face Disorder—allegedly forced female employees into sex acts as part of a decades-long campaign of sexual harassment and intimidation.

Here’s one of the more chilling passages from the story:

The contrast between Mr. Wynn’s position and that of the salon and spa employees is stark. Former employees said their awareness of Mr. Wynn’s power in Las Vegas, combined with the knowledge that the jobs they held were among the best-paying available there, added up to a feeling of dependence and intimidation when Mr. Wynn made requests of them.

Some said that feeling was heightened at times by the presence in a confined office space of one or more of his German shepherds, trained to respond to commands in German.


Wynn has denied the allegations, and said he has “no immediate plans” of stepping down from his role as finance chair of Republican National Committee, the Washington Post reported.

For most of his career, Wynn, though a patron to politicians—especially Harry Red, his local senator for many years—was hardly a major player in politics, until he began delivering unhinged anti-Barack Obama rants soon after Obama took office, which led to Wynn becoming a Fox News fixture, which led to Karl Rove properly recruiting him as a GOP megadonor, a journey documented by Kenneth Vogel and Steve Freiss in The Politico a few years back. 


A few years later, Wynn was on Trump’s inaugural committee. According to Wynn, President Donald Trump personally asked him to serve as the RNC’s finance chair in 2017. In that capacity, he was supposed to co-host a gala fundraiser at Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort just a few days ago.

Just two guys who definitely don’t have a long career of using their positions of power to harass and intimidate women! Just two pals!

Totally unrelated, but, remember when the Republican Party called on Democrats to return donations they received from another disgusting rich man, Harvey Weinstein, after numerous allegations about his sexual harassment and intimidation of women came to light?


I’m starting to think the Republican Party might not have the most honest intentions when it comes to sexual assault allegations!