For the first time in eight years, it looks like the White House won’t mark LGBTQ Pride Month with any events or a proclamation recognizing the month-long celebration.

The White House issued a series of proclamations about June on Wednesday:


Conspicuously absent was anything that recognizes LGBTQ Pride, a month of annual celebration and remembrance for LGBTQ communities around the nation. There’s also no mention in the White House schedule of a Pride Month reception, a tradition under the Obama administration where LGBTQ rights leaders were welcomed to the White House in June.

It’s indicative of this administration’s anti-LGBTQ bent—one that’s already played out in the rescinding of guidances to protect transgender students. But it’s also worth noting that no Republican president has ever recognized the month.

In that context, Ivanka Trump’s tweet recognizing LGBTQ Pride on Thursday night made for a lame consolation prize:


We reached out to the White House for comment and will update if they respond.

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