Lost in IKEA: Trailer parodies Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There is only one place on planet Earth that has the virtual absence of gas molecules and radiation of electrically charged particles from the sun that define outer space. It’s called IKEA.


In case you’ve never needed to furnish an apartment on an entry-level salary, IKEA stores are lifeless buildings filled with easily-combustible, unpronounceable furniture items and non-perishable food products such as Swedish meatballs. That's why IKEA serves as the perfect location for an imaginary Alfonso Cuarón film, spoofed by Daniel Hubbard.

The trailer accurately mocks Sandra Bullock's frantic screams, the Gravity trailer's endless fades to black and its armpit-sweat-inducing score. However, Hubbard gives away that this is not an authentic Cuarón film by forgoing the Gravity trailer's Futura font, and employing a copy-cat sans serif text.

But, yes, you will lose your entire Saturday at IKEA.