Lots of People in Delaware Seem Cool With This Incredibly Racist Parade

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There’s nothing funny about Border Patrol agents pepper spraying immigrants, or children being separated from their families. The deaths of two children in the custody of U.S. immigration authorities is nothing to laugh at.


And yet the “Hummers Parade,” an annual event in Middletown, DE, decided it was cool to mock all of these things. The parade, a spoof of Philadelphia’s annual Mummers Parade, has apparently been running for 48 years.

The parade “has no registration, membership, or rules. It’s for anybody who wants to be in the parade and have their own style,” according to the Middletown Transcript, which added that jokes showcased in the parade “can be a little politically incorrect.” The Hummers Parade often catches attention with “controversial portrayals of local and national politics and cultural references,” Delaware Online reported.

The bizarrely lighthearted local media coverage of the parade makes clear that some of its participants weren’t too fond of President Donald Trump himself. But that’s no excuse for the way it turned his worst immigration policies into cheap humor. The participants had nowhere to punch but down. A woman named Lilly Martinez uploaded photos of the parade to Facebook, where the post has been shared 2,400 times. We’ve reached out to Martinez and will update if we hear back.

In one display, a woman swatted at a man in a cage wearing what appeared to be a soiled diaper. Another boy accompanied him in a nearby cage. In another, two men held up a white picket fence with the phrase, “U don’t have 2 go home, but u can’t stay here.” Other similar fences read “Not Mexican, I’m Russian, Let me in,” and “Ima Grant $ Car or Van, Hummers 2019.”

The photos Martinez uploaded showed that parade walkers also had baby dolls strapped to their chest, or hanging out of suitcases labeled “USA or BUST,” wearing ponchos, sombreros, and bandanas.


Despite the horrid disregard for the human ramifications of Trump’s immigration policies, it appears that this year’s Hummers Parade just wasn’t offensive enough for its attendees. From Delaware Online (emphasis mine):

But after the short-lived procession ended on New Year’s Day, some in the crowd were a little underwhelmed. While the crowd was larger in the warmer weather, some griped that the displays weren’t as cringe-worthy as years past — with the exception of a grown man playing a baby in soiled underwear caged at border detention.

President Donald Trump’s border wall and tributes to the late Burt Reynolds were the most common theme of the parade this year. But participants also donned what looked like suicide vests or Melania Trump’s infamous “I don’t care, do u?” jacket, or skipped clothing, as did one naked underdog supporting the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles.

“I don’t know who the [expletive] is going to show up,” said the parade’s self-proclaimed “disorganizer” Jack Schreppler. “And I don’t care. I don’t care that that guy’s peeing over there.


A caged grown man playing a baby in soiled underwear might have taken the cake at this year’s Hummers Parade, but it’s also something that happened to thousands of children this year in real life. We’ve reached out to Schreppler via his law office and will update this post if we hear back.

Update, 3:52 p.m. ET: Martinez posted an update to her Facebook post saying that she had compiled the pictures from other sources, not taken them herself, and that she was getting attacked for posting them. We have removed her pictures from our post since she did not take them herself.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

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