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A Louisiana woman has been arrested by police for allegedly abusing her children and attempting to kick one child out of the house for not conforming to female gender norms and for engaging in a same-sex relationship, The Advocate reports.


Police arrived at the Zachary, La., family's home Tuesday after receiving a call about a pair of truant juveniles: the daughter and her partner, who had skipped school.

There, the mother told officers that she "would have the child become a ward of the state and sign over all rights to the child today if allowed." The mother also reportedly asked authorities to remove "this thing"—her daughter—from her home as the girl had apparently violated a handwritten contract she had signed that mandated she "dress like a girl."


The daughter told the officers that her mother physically abused both her and a sibling and that her mother had suggested that she commit suicide on at least one occasion.

After contacting the State Department of Children and Family Services, authorities learned that the 37-year-old mother—who The Advocate declines to name in order to protect the daughter's identity—had repeatedly kicked the teenage girl out of her home. The woman was arrested by officers Wednesday on charges of cruelty to juveniles.

According to statistics provided on the Human Rights Campaign's website, one of the biggest problems LGBT youth say they face is "not feeling accepted by their family." That is one of the reasons why a disproportionate number of young LGBT people end up living on the streets.

Reports vary, but anywhere from 20–40% of homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Nearly 70% of homeless LGBT youth say that family rejection was a major factor that caused their homelessness, according to a study performed by the Williams Institute.


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